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Diabetic Shoes for Women Many women that are living with diabetes are often told that they need to wear special shoes but are given little direction as to why, what to look for, or where to find them. Why do I need special diabetic shoes? Patients with diabetes are at elevated risk for developing foot […]

Orthopedic Shoe Brands For Diabetics Many patients with diabetes have multiple health problems that require the use of special orthopedic shoes.  A combination of poor circulation, nerve damage and foot deformities, such as bunions, make the diabetic patient susceptible to life and limb threatening infections.  It is important that all diabetic patients with foot pain […]

Foot Conditions That Require Orthopedic Shoes There are a host of foot problems that cause pain and complications for all patients, including patients with diabetes.  As earlier post discussed, purchasing the right orthopedic shoes is important to prevent diabetic foot complications.  Even if you don’t have diabetes, your feet are important.  You rely on them to […]

Diabetic Foot Pain: How To Pamper Your Feet And Why Orthopedic Shoes Matter As if controlling your blood sugars isn’t enough to worry about, now you are learning that you have to take special care of your feet! Chronically elevated sugar causes damage to your nervous system resulting in decreased sensation, typically in the hands […]