Set Your Weight Loss Goals Using This Weight Loss Calculator!

by Cindy

Use This Weight Loss Calculator to Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals!

If you are looking to lose weight it is important to set realistic weight loss goals that are safe for your body and attainable.  Use this weight loss calculator to learn how to reach your weight loss goals!  Enter your information below to determine your necessary calorie intake for your weight loss goals!


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Remember to set a realistic weight loss goal!

Safe weight loss is a loss of 1-2 pounds per week!  Using a weight loss calorie calculator can help you to get a better understanding of how to achieve your weight loss goals through proper caloric intake and exercise.  Many people will try to lose weight without determining how many calories their body really needs per day to achieve that weight loss goal.

This free weight loss calcultor for women and men is a powerful tool to get you off to the right start.  Once you understand how many calories you should eat and how many you should burn, track your daily calorie intake to find out how many calories you really have been eating.  It is important that you learn how to properly approximate portion sizes so that you are not underestimating calories!  To lose weight safely and for the best chance of keeping that weight off plan to lose 1-2 pounds per week!  People who lose large amounts of weight quickly through crash diets often gain the weight back!

Always discuss your weight loss plans and your health conditions with your physician.  This tool is not meant to replace proper medical advice. Use this weight loss goal calculator as a guide to set your daily calorie intake and combine this information with of of the diets that work for ideal weight loss. Remember that even a small weight loss of 5-7% of your current weight can dramatically improve blood pressure, cholesterol and a1c blood test readings!

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