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A Comparison of the Bayer Diabetes Meters

For patients that are looking to purchase a new blood glucose meter, Bayer makes several different glucometers that fit the needs of most patients.  Bayer makes glucometer systems that are easy to use and require small testing samples to obtain readings.

Bayer Contour Glucose Meter

The Bayer Contour meter is a popular glucose meter that is easy to use and compact.  This cute meter comes in several different color choices.  The meter does not need to be coded prior to use.  This glucometer can be used in two different modes.  Mode one allows for rapid sugar testing and does not associate the reading with meals.  The second mode allows the patient to store data from before and after meals for up to 30 days, allowing patients to make better correlations between their readings and their diabetic diets

Bayer Contour Glucometer Quick Facts:

  • Easy to Use! The manufacturer of this glucometer boasts that the Bayer Contour is the most simple and easy to use meter available today!  This meter has only three buttons to keep use straightforward and easy.
  • Fast Testing!  The Bayer Contour does not require a coding step to ensure the fastest testing and will give you results in just 5 seconds!
  • Compact Size!  This glucometer is perfect for travel.  Its small size makes it ideal for travel because it takes up little room in your bag or pocket.
  • Flexibility in Testing!  The Bayer Contour glucometer allows the user to select alternative testing sites for routine testing. If you suspect low blood sugar, or hypoglycemia, use only the finger tip for testing.  Alternate sites include:
    • Palm
    • Forearm
  • Large Range!  Your Bayer Contour diabetes meter will give readings ranging between 10 mg/dl and 600 mg/dl. 
  • Easy to Use Reminders!  Your Bayer Contour meter has an alarm feature that you may use so that you never forget to test your blood sugar again!
  • Data Storage!  This meter has the ability to store up to 480 readings and will keep track of personal high and low readings over a 7 day period.
  • Long Battery Life!  This meter will run approximately 1000 tests before needing a change in batteries.
  • Supplies: This diabetes meter uses the Contour test strips, Contour Control Solution and Microlet Lancing Device.

Bayer Contour USB Diabetes Meter

This unique blood glucose meter is the only glucometer available that allows you to directly plug the meter into your PC.  All other meters require you to purchase additional cables and software if you wish to transfer your data. This small meter has a bright visual display and can store up to 2,000 readings so that you can monitor your abnormal and normal blood sugar levels!

Bayer Contour USB Glucometer Quick Facts:

  • Easy To Use!  Like other Bayer products, this meter is simple to use and only has three buttons to reduce confusion during testing.  This meter is equipped with a light to illuminate the test strip area so that you can test in the dark if necessary.
  • Fast Testing!  This glucometer will produce accurate readings within 5 seconds.
  • Compact Size!  This meter is similar in size to a standard USB flash drive.
  • Flexibility in Testing! The Bayer Contour USB allows the user to select alternative testing sites for routine testing. If you suspect low blood sugar use only the finger tip for testing.  Alternative sites include:
    • Palm
    • Forearm
  • Large Range!  This meter has a testing range of 20 mg/dl to 600 mg/dl.
  • Easy to Use Reminders!
  • Rechargable Battery!  The Bayer Contour USB glucose meter is unique because it has a rechargable battery that is charged by plugging into your computer’s USB port.
  • Data Storage!  This meter stores up to 2000 test results and can be plugged directly into your computer to make downloading and tracking your personal testing information easy!
  • Supplies:  This meter is compatible with Contour test strips, the Microlet 2 lancing device, Contour control solution and Microlet Lancets.

Bayer Digiget Glucose Meter

The Bayer Digiget Glucometer is a unique product that is only produced by Bayer.  This diabetes meter can be plugged directly into a Ninentdo DS or DS Lite gaming system and uses a unique gaming system to reward children for routine testing. This meter is perfect for any child or teen who needs encouragement to complete their daily sugar checks!

Bayer Digiget Glucometer Quick Facts:

  • Easy to Use!  Like other Bayer products this meter is simple to use and does not require a coding step prior to use.
  • Quick Testing!  This meter will return your reading within 5 seconds.
  • Great For Children!  This unique meter works with the Nintendo DS and DS Lite gaming systems to reward testing and good sugar control.
  • Large Range!  The Bayer Digigest system can read results from 20 mg/dl to 600 mg/dl.
  • Data Storage! This meter can store up to 480 results and will provide 7, 14 and 30 day averages.  Data can be downloaded to a PC if desired.
  • Supplies:  This glucometer uses the Contour test strips, Contour control solution, Microlet Lancing Device and Microlet Lancets.

Breeze 2 Glucose Meter

The Breeze 2 blood glucose machine is one of the best blood glucose meter choices for patients with arthritis because it has a unique system that has been awarded the Arthritis Foundation Ease-of-Use Commendation.  This meter also does not require the coding step!

  • Easy to Use!  The Bayer Breeze 2 offers quick and simple testing that does not require a coding step.  This meter was granted the Arthritis Foundation Ease-Of-Use Commendation.
  • Quick Testing!  The Bayer Breeze 2 glucometer will produce results within 5 seconds.
  • Flexibility in Testing!  This meter is also approved for alternative site testing using the palm.
  • Large Range!  This diabetes meter will read results from 20 mg/dl to 600 mg/dl.
  • Easy to Use Reminders!
  • Data Storage!  The Breeze 2 glucometer can store up to 420 test results and can calculate averages for 1, 7, 14 and 30 days of readings.
  • Supplies:  This glucose meter requires the Breeze 2 10 disc test strip system and Breeze 2 control solution.  The Microlet 2 lancing device is designed for use with this system.

Summary Comparison Of Bayer Glucometers

Bayer Blood Glucose Meters

  Contour Contour USB Breeze 2
Easy to Use +++,  Does not require coding ++ ++, Does not require coding
Alternative Testing Site Option Y Y Y
Testing Time 5 seconds 5 seconds 5 seconds
Glucometer Size Medium Small Medium
Display Size Medium Large, Color Large
Lancets MicroLet 2 MicroLet 2 MicroLet 2
Test Strips Contour Test Strips Contour Test Strips Breeze2 Blood Glucose 10-discs
Control Solution Bayer Contour Control Solution Bayer Contour Control Solution  
Able to Connect to PC N Y  
Units Mg/dl Mg/dl Mg/dl

For more information about the Bayer glucose meters check out the manufacturer’s website and ask your doctor if you qualify for a free glucose monitor.  Not interested in Bayer blood glcuose meters?  Check out our information about Accu Check, FreeStyle or One Touch glucometers or see our comparison chart for information about meters and blood glucose testing strips for more information! If you would like more information about diabetes check out our articles on!

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