Not Sure What to Eat? Try One of These Three Diabetic Friendly Ideas

by Cindy

In this carbohydrate, high fat environment that we live in, finding healthy diabetic foods can often be challenging.  Adapting to a diabetic diet at home can be very frustrating because so many popular recipes are loaded with carbohydrates and fats.  If you are searching for some new ideas for your recipe repertoire try one of these three great, diabetic friendly ideas.

1.  Shrimp and Chorizo Dirty “Rice”

Now I have used cauliflower as a substitute for mashed potatoes, but have never heard of using it as “rice.”  By finely chopping cauliflower, this versatile vegetable replaces high carbohydrate rice in this hearty meal.  Packed with flavor, protein and fiber, this meal is sure to leave any person satisfied without causing huge spikes in blood sugar.  In addition, this technique could be used with other recipes to replace white rice.

Check out the recipe here!

2.  Grilled Zucchini Pizza Slices

Who says that a diabetic needs to give up Pizza Night!  Pizza can be a great source of nutrition when loaded up with veggies and healthy proteins.  However the crust can cause a significant rise in blood sugar.  This recipe for Grilled Zucchini Pizza Slices provides you an excellent base for designing healthy little pizzas of your choice.  Zucchini is a great choice for this pizza crust because this vegetable can stand up to the cooking process but also takes on the flavor from the sauce and toppings.  This great idea can be used with all sorts of toppings, for a main course, an appetizer or a quick lunch.

3.  Turkey Stuffed Peppers

This recipe provides a great alternative to traditional stuffed peppers which are often filled with red meat and rice.  By choosing a lean protein, such as turkey, this reduces some of the fat content.  The addition of spinach, carrots and tomatoes packs these peppers with a tasty filling that is sure to leave you feeling full longer.  The high fiber content prevents rapid changes in blood sugar.

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