Natural Remedies For Weight Loss: Will There Soon Be A New Best Food For Weight Loss?

by Cindy

A Look At Potential Superstar Weight Loss Foods

Weight loss is a priority for almost every diabetic patient and it is often a priority for many non-diabetic patients.  People of all ages are interested in new and interesting ways to help them lose weight and simple changes to the diet and natural supplements are often the most popular. There are numerous natural weight loss remedies that have been studied extensively by the scientific community.

Many people are aware that certain foods have been associated with the ability to lose weight easily in some individuals.  Some of the most widely used natural weight loss foods include green tea, apple cider vinegar and garlic.  However, recent scientific studies suggest that some unlikely foods may be the next weight loss superstars.  Your future weight loss efforts might someday include consumption of chocolate and green coffee bean supplements!

Green Coffee Beans: The Next Best Supplement For Weight Loss?

Believe it or not, coffee beans may be the next trend in weight loss!  Studies have shown that unroasted, or green, coffee beans could aid patients in weight loss.  A recent study presented at the annual meeting of the American Chemical Society and reported by suggested that patients who take supplemental green coffee bean could enhance their weight loss efforts dramatically.  This report documented an average 17 pound weight loss without any change in diet or exercise patterns!  It is important to note that the study was conducted in a small group of patients and its results were not yet published by a peer review journal.   However, the results presented at this conference are interesting and could provide patients with an interesting and new alternative supplement for weight loss.  Until more research is done and more information is available, patients should not assume that green coffee bean supplements will help them lose weight.  If you are interested in adding this supplement to your diet, consult your doctor first!

Chocolate: A Surprising Food Connected To Lower BMI

Information published in a recent issue of the Annuals of Internal Medicine contains some very exciting news for chocolate lovers everywhere!  Surprisingly, this study found that people who consume chocolate frequently tend to have a lower body mass index (BMI) than those that do not.  Most would assume that intake of chocolate which is high in calories and fat would lead to a higher BMI, but this particular study suggests that this may not be the case.  It is important to note that this study does not suggest that regular intake of chocolate promotes weight loss.  It simply notes a correlation between chocolate intake and the body mass index and the reason behind these results remains unclear.

Most people should not overindulge in chocolate because the high calorie content will most certainly increase your waist line over time.  However, many patients may benefit from a small amount of chocolate on a semi-regular basis.  For diabetic patients, it is important to remember that chocolate is packed with simple sugars and will increase blood sugar levels substantially.  Patients with diabetes should not rely on chocolate for a lower BMI.

Neither of these studies contain enough information for patients to believe that these foods will result in significant weight loss or a lower BMI.  However, more research is currently being done to get answers about how effective these foods can be for weight loss.  Who knows, perhaps in a few years your doctor will recommend that you eat more chocolate or add a coffee bean supplement to your diet!

References:  Doheny, K., (2012).  Green Coffee Beans May Aid Weight Loss
photo by: EuroMagic

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