December 2012

Do you know your diabetic treatment goals? If you aren’t sure what your blood sugar should be it is time that you talked to your doctor.  Patients who understand acceptable ranges for glucose readings and who know their target HbA1c levels tend to be more involved with their own care and have better management.  The […]

If you are looking for gift ideas for your diabetic friends, check out these five great products for people with diabetes! Diabetic Socks:  Patients with diabetes pay careful attention to their feet.  Years of high blood sugar can cause nerve damage and poor circulation that raises the risk of developing painful infections and other serious […]

Choosing Foods For Holiday Diabetic Diets Patients with diabetes are faced with the challenge of always watching what they eat to keep glucometer readings in a normal range.  The holiday season poses a challenge to many diabetic patients as ‘tis the season to overindulge in rich, sugary and fatty foods.  Most experienced type 2 diabetics know that […]