October 2011

Actos and Bladder Cancer Bladder cancer is fourth most common type of cancer.  There are many different potential causes of bladder cancer that include smoking, chemical exposure, recurrent urinary tract infections and medications. Recently the diabetes medication pioglitazone, also known as Actos, has been investigated for a possible link to bladder cancer.

Recognizing Low Blood Sugar And When You Need Hypoglycemia Treatment photo credit: (matt)For patients with diabetes, especially those that are on oral hypoglycemic agents and insulin, the dangers of decreasing blood sugar levels too much is a very real risk.  Hypoglycemia is a serious complication of diabetes that is often overlooked because there is so […]

Vitamin B12 Deficiency And Diabetes Vitamin B12 is a naturally occurring substance that is found in fish, red meat, liver, chicken and dairy products. It is essential for proper function of many normal body processes in the intestines, bone marrow and nervous system. Vitamin B12, also called cobalamin, should be a part of every diabetics […]

Cinnamon: One Of The Natural Remedies For Diabetes! photo credit: S. DiddyFor patients with type 2 diabetes, finding new and natural ways to decrease blood sugar levels is exciting news.  As most diabetics know, the key to reducing blood sugar levels lies in good eating habits, daily exercise and the ability to keep a healthy […]

Type 2 Diabetes and Alcohol Use Type 2 diabetes is a chronic health condition that requires patients to make radical changes in their eating and exercise habits to try to get blood sugar levels under good control.  Many patients who have type 2 diabetes may enjoy having the occassional drink or two of alcohol but are unsure […]