Why You Need to See a Certified Diabetic Educator!

by Cindy

As physicians become more and more busy, patients are often rushed through their appointments and left little time to ask important questions. This is often very difficult for patients who are diagnosed with a new health condition, such as diabetes. When patients are first diagnosed with diabetes they are often asked to drastically change their diet, exercise, check their blood sugars using their new glucometer. This is quickly overwhelming for even the most astute patient!

If you have been diagnosed with diabetes and are left feeling confused, ask your physician to refer you to a certified diabetic educator.

What can a certified diabetic educator can do for you?

  • Explain Your Condition:  These health professionals have extensive training about diabetes and are able to take the time to sit and explain your condition to you in easy-to-understand terms.  Since you meet with them frequently, it is also possible to ask questions even when you think of them after your visit. Be sure to write your questions down and bring them to every visit!
  • Discuss Diet Techniques: A certified diabetic educator has the time to sit and go over the details of the plate method and carbohydrate counting with each patient. They can help you set up a diabetic diet plan to help control your sugar levels and weight based on your individual needs.
  • Blood Sugar Monitoring: These health professionals will review your blood sugar logs and your food diary to help you understand which foods are helping or hindering your efforts.
  • Glucose Meter Teaching: Not sure how to use your glucometer? A certified diabetic educator has the time to teach you how to use your glucose meter. They can help you set up your meter with reminders and to track data.
  • Make Recommendations to Your Physician: These specialists communicate with other members of your health care team to let your doctor know what is and what is not working for you. This can be very helpful for patients who are struggling to continue medications or have barriers to testing or exercise.

These are just a few reasons to ask to see a diabetic educator. Take the time to meet with your local educator and you will see how valuable these professionals are!

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