Is This Safe? Type 2 Diabetes and Juice Diet Plans

by Cindy

For patients with type 2 diabetes, weight loss is often top priority.  Many patients will try all kinds of diet plans to help them lose weight without really knowing if they are safe.  Juice diet plans are a popular method of weight loss for many people.  But is this really a good idea for a diabetic patient?

What are Juice Diets?

Patients who follow a juice diet consume juice from fruits and vegetables as a means of detoxifying the body and fasting to lose weight.  Most people will prepare their own juice using fresh fruits and vegetable blends as directed by their particular diet plan to obtain nutrients, minerals and calories.  Sometimes these diets are combined with the use of laxatives.

Type 2 Diabetes and Juice Diet Plans

Patients with type 2 diabetes who attempt to detox using a juice diet could potentially place themselves at considerable risk for erratic blood sugar readings and dangerous highs in and lows in sugar levels.  This is because these diets lack important fiber that can help regulate digestion and blood sugar levels.  In addition, these diets are low in protein which can help stabilize sugar readings.  It should also be noted that the natural sugar content of fruits and vegetables can be quite high, placing more stress on the pancreas and the body.  Also, shifts in diet can affect how certain medications work and it is important to remember that some fruits, such as grapefruit, can interact with medications.

Type 2 diabetics should consult their physician before attempting this type of diet plan.  A juice diet can be very dangerous for patients with diabetes, especially for patients with poorly controlled glucose levels.  Pregnant women and children should never attempt such a diet.  If your physician does approve of this diet method for you, be sure to closely monitor your blood sugar readings, keep track of you carbohydrates and calorie intakes and avoid taking laxatives or becoming dehydrated.  If you are looking for safe, effective methods for weight loss, consult a certified diabetic educator or a dietician for a diet plan tailored to your individual needs.

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