Five Gift Ideas For Your Diabetic Friends!

by Cindy

If you are looking for gift ideas for your diabetic friends, check out these five great products for people with diabetes!

  1. Diabetic Socks
    Patients with diabetes pay careful attention to their feet.  Years of high blood sugar can cause nerve damage and poor circulation that raises the risk of developing painful infections and other serious problems.  Diabetic socks should be made of quality materials that wick away moisture and promote clean, dry feet.  Many will be free of seams and tight fits to avoid pressure point on the feet.
  2. Diabetic Cookbook: Many patients with type 2 diabetes can manage their blood sugar using diet and exercise alone.  Even if medications are required, sticking to the right diet is a key component of keeping diabetes under control.  The American Diabetes Association publishes an excellent cookbook designed for keeping patients with diabetes happy and well-fed without driving up those glucometer readings! Check it out here! The American Diabetes Association Diabetes Comfort Food Cookbook
  3. Medical Alert Bracelet
    In emergencies it is important that emergency responders know that a patient has diabetes.  If your friend has this, or another chronic health condition, consider picking up a medical alert bracelet.  There are numerous styles, sizes and materials available to fit the individual tastes of almost anyone.
  4. Magazines:
    Staying up to date on the latest recommendations, tips from the experts and great recipe ideas are all possible for patients who subscribe to magazines for diabetic people.  Consider giving your friend or family member a one year subscription to a magazine such as Diabetic Living or diabetic cooking.
  5. Skin Care Products
    Let your friend indulge with products to keep the skin healthy and your friend feeling pampered.

Remember, although gift certificates for a favorite restaurant or gift baskets filled with fruits, crackers or cheese may be excellent gift ideas for most, people with diabetes need to be careful about sticking to healthy food choices.  If you prefer to give gift cards, consider giving one for a trip to the salon or for a massage.  For older friends and relatives, the gift of your time may be most appreciated.  Some diabetic patients may appreciate your help with a home improvement project, a ride to the mall or to doctor’s appointments.

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