When a patient is diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, there are many different things to learn about. This new diagnosis often means attending education classes, taking new medications, starting an exercise program and checking blood sugar readings. The cost of all of these things can add up very quickly. If you can’t afford your diabetic […]

A Comparison of the Bayer Diabetes Meters For patients that are looking to purchase a new blood glucose meter, Bayer makes several different glucometers that fit the needs of most patients.  Bayer makes glucometer systems that are easy to use and require small testing samples to obtain readings. Bayer Contour Glucose Meter The Bayer Contour […]

A Comparison of the FreeStyle Glucometers Free Style blood glucose meters require the smallest blood sample size of all glucometers that are available today. These meters are available in a variety of sizes.  The newer systems are called the “Lite” glucometers and these meters do not require the coding step that is required in the regular […]

A Comparison of Accu Chek Glucose Meters Accu Check Glucose Meters are blood glucose machines that are designed for use by diabetic patients who need simple, easy to use machines.  This manufacturer produces the Accu Chek Aviva which is among the best blood glucose meter for people with arthritis. Compare these Accu Chek blood glucose machines to […]

One Touch Glucose Meters Comparison If you are looking to replace your current blood glucose machine, aka glucometer, One Touch Glucometers are popular products.  Compare these four popular meters with each other and other brands to discover which meter will work best for you! Not looking for One Touch products? Check out my Glucometer Comparison […]