General Diabetes Info

Is Long Term Care Insurance Worth It For Diabetics? As most patients with diabetes know, if the blood sugar levels are left uncontrolled serious and debilitating diabetic complications can result.  Examples of diabetic complications include blindness, renal failure needing dialysis, nerve damage, amputations and deadly infections.  In addition, diabetic patients are at risk for stroke […]

Gestational Diabetes Most women are aware that gestational diabetes is a very serious health condition that can occur during pregnancy.  All pregnant women should get their routine prenatal care to monitor their baby’s growth and development and to get screened for dangerous health problems such as gestational diabetes. What is Gestational Diabetes?  Gestational diabetes is […]

What is Pre Diabetes? It wasn’t until recently that patients with impaired fasting glucose were not considered pre diabetic.  This term was eventually defined because it was recognized that there was a large group of people who had abnormally high glucose levels but did not meet the diagnostic criteria for type 2 diabetes.  These patients with high sugar […]

What is Insulin Resistance? Insulin resistance is a complex health problem that is the result of a combination of many different abnormally functioning metabolic factors within the body.  In this syndrome, more insulin is required by the body than is expected to lower blood sugar levels.  In other words, the insulin that is produced by […]

Ask Your Doctor These Seven Questions If You Have Diabetes! photo credit: a.drianIf you have been diagnosed with diabetes it is important that you fully understand what is going on with your body, the potential for harm that this condition has and how to achieve your doctor’s expectations for treatment.  If you have diabetes, you should […]