Diabetes Treatment

Do you know your diabetic treatment goals? If you aren’t sure what your blood sugar should be it is time that you talked to your doctor.  Patients who understand acceptable ranges for glucose readings and who know their target HbA1c levels tend to be more involved with their own care and have better management.  The […]

Bydureon is one of the newest medications to be added to the arsenal of type 2 diabetes medications.  Interestingly, this medication has been available for several months now and seems to have received very little attention from patients and providers. What is Bydureon? Bydureon is the latest addition to the drug family known as GLP-1 […]

All diabetic patients should be asking themselves this question?  If you have diabetes, hypertension and protein in your urine, you should be taking this class of medications!  ACE inhibitors, also known as Angiotension Converting Enzyme inhibitors, are a unique class of drugs that have several benefits for diabetic patients.  These medications have been shown to […]

Type 2 Diabetes Treatment: Understanding Your Diabetes Medications photo credit: Charles WilliamsType 2 diabetes is a serious health condition that is affecting an increasing number of Americans at an alarming rate.  Although reductions in blood sugar levels are possible through dietary changes, exercise and weight loss alone, many patients who are diagnosed with type 2 […]

What is Insulin? Learn More About Types of Insulin! Diabetes is a chronic health condition that occurs when there is a disruption in normal insulin production from the pancreas.  When insulin production is abnormal blood sugars can rise creating a state of hyperglycemia or diabetes.  Diabetes is a serious health problem and with more and […]