Ayurvedic Remedies: Learn About Natural Ayurvedic Medicine For Diabetes

by Cindy

What is Ayurvedic Medicine For Diabetes?

Ayurveda is a natural diabetes treatment concept that is derived from traditional medicine techniques used in India for over 5,000 years.  Ayurvedic medicine has been used to treat a variety of health problems and some individuals seek help from this alternative therapy to improve their diabetes.  Ayurvedic medicine is centered on the belief that the different substances, or dosas, that are needed for good health must be in good balance to promote wellness.  When there are disruptions in the natural harmony of the body and mind, ayurdvedic therapies are used to restore this balance to promote healing and longevity.

Ayurvedic Treatment For Diabetes

Diabetes occurs when there is a disruption in normal blood glucose metabolism resulting in high sugar levels and damage to the different organ systems.  Ayurveda attempts to reduce glucose levels using an individualized treatment process that focuses on:

  • Dietary modification
  • Natural remedies
  • Cleansing of the mind, body and soul.

Ayurvedic Diet For Diabetes

The ayurvedic diet emphasizes changes in nutrition that are similar to what is advised by certified diabetic educators.  Patients are advised to decrease their intake of simple sugars and simple carbohydrates.  Intake of protein and fat should also be decreased and patients should aim to increase the amounts of fruits and vegetables that are in their daily diet.

Natural Ayurvedic Remedies

Ayurveda commonly uses mixtures of natural herbs and supplements to help restore normal glycemia.  Commonly used herbs include combinations of some of the following substances:

  • Bitter melon
  • Tumeric
  • Rose Apple Stones Powder
  • Fenugreek
  • Neem
  • Arjuna
  • Gymnema sylveste
  • Copper Water
  • Garlic

Panchakarma To Cleanse The Mind, Body and Soul

This is an ancient concept that is used to help cleanse the body of toxic substances that disrupt the natural harmony of the body.  In the case of diabetic patients, panchakarma is focused on reducing the strain on the insulin producing pancreas.  This cleansing process involves relaxation through the use of massage and sauna, followed by fasting and an herbal cleanse of the intestinal tract and colon.

Exercise For Diabetes

Patients are encouraged to exercise and engage in yoga to promote wellness, healing and good cardiovascular health.

Is Aruvedic Medicine For Diabetes Right For Me?

People who are interested in trying some of these substances to lower their blood sugar should understand that, although these remedies have been used for thousands of years, they have not been well studied by scientists. 

The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality has examined the available research studies to determine if this method of diabetes management could be effective and safe for patients.  They found that the available literature only has examined the effects of the different herbal preparations on people participating in ayurvedic therapy.  What this study did find is that gymnema sylvestre and fenugreek were among some of the most well studied herbal supplements that are used in ayurvedic medicine and that these supplements appear to have a positive effect on blood sugar levels. 

At this time more research is necessary to determine if these substances are safe for use in diabetic patients and in a blend with modern medicine.  Patients who are interested in these types of therapies should have an open discussion with their physician and should never stop their diabetes medications or take herbal preparations without first consulting a physician.

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